Dahab Contact Lenses in Pakistan

Glam up your personality with Dahab Lenses now available in Pakistan. Dahab contact lenses have become amongst the trending contact lenses around the world. Get dahab lenses price in Pakistan, check dahab lenses shades here.

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Dahab Lenses Price in Pakistan

Dahab Gold Rs 2800

Dahab Platinum Rs 3300


Ainak.pk offers the charismatic collection of Dahab Lenses. If you are looking for a product that promises a blend of natural colors and advanced manufacturing materials then, you should immediately be ordering Dahab Contact Lenses in Pakistan. The eyewear goes way beyond being a prescription. It compliments your personality if done rightly. Get dahab lenses price and It’s the most desired accessory. The shape of a frame or the color of lenses can change your whole appearance. If you are looking for dahab lenses shade which is one of the top color contact lenses online then you should really know about the exclusive collection of Dahab Colored Contact Lenses. Get dahab lens price and check dahab lenses review online at ainak.sunglass.com.pk


Check Dahab lenses shades that have been exclusively manufactured by one of the leading Korean manufacturers. Our website has very carefully chosen and selected the designs that are highly trending and in demand to provide our customers  with an elegant, comfortable, safe, and trendy product. 

Ainak.pk is offering the best prices in Pakistan for online ordering of the premium collection of various contact lenses brands. On our website, you will find all solutions to your eye care problems.

Dahab contact lenses come in two collections “Dahab Gold” and “Dahab Platinum” classified in three different texture designs and 29 colors to fit everyone’s mode and style. Dahab lenses are not available in power numbers.

Dahab Gold contact lens collection is available in Dahab Cat Eye, Dahab Gray Green, Dahab Hind, Dahab Lumirere Blue, Dahab Lumirere Gray, Dahab Lumirere Brown, Dahab Lumirere Green, Dahab Sun Kiss, Dahab Solitaire, Dahab Swarovski and Tiffany Blue colors.

Dahab Platinum contact lens collection is available in Dahab Alaska, Dahab Argan, Dahab Hawaii, Dahab Perle and Dahab Rain colors.

Our website offers a huge collection of the best contact lenses brands in Pakistan that come in a variety of colors, materials and description. If you are searching for contact lenses in Pakistan then, ainak.sunglass.com.pk is your ultimate eyewear partner. We are proud to offer the most exclusive range of Contact Lenses in Pakistan with the most affordable prices.

We are offering free shipping services across Pakistan including but not limited to Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad and Peshawar. Explore our website to treat your eyes with best eyewear products at one platform all over Pakistan with the most economical price range.

If you need expert opinion on selecting the right pair of best contact lenses please feel free to contact our team on Call, WhatsApp or Facebook.